5 Years sober today – I have my life back!

Half a bloody decade!

I just want to use this milestone to remind everyone that no matter how bad it gets, there is always a way back.

I never thought I’d emerge from the depths of alcoholism. I’m not ashamed to admit that; I was beaten. My health was extremely poor, I had absolutely no hope, and I couldn’t imagine a life without alcohol. But I recovered.

Now I’m doing things I NEVER dreamt possible – but I also appreciate the little things so much more than I ever did before. I have my family back, a job that I love, and I have lots and lots of goals.

When I first got sober, I would worry about how far behind everyone else I was. My friends had careers, kids, and their own homes. I was incredibly lucky to still have my amazing family but I had to start everything else from scratch.

My aunties, uncles, cousin and mum – not the best picture!

I felt like a failure and life was daunting – both could have been a huge excuse to drink. But I didn’t, and everything else fell into place.

Rock bottom is a dark place to be. When you’re there it can be so hard to imagine a time when you will be happy again. You feel like you will never be proud of yourself again. And looking forward feels impossible because you are so fixated on the past.

But there is a way back from that place. It is possible to feel happiness, hope and pride again.

We are only here once. Don’t let your demons cut your time short. Reach out and ask for all the help that’s available.

Recovery is possible. I’m proof of that.

Take care and thanks for reading, Toby.

7 thoughts on “5 Years sober today – I have my life back!

  1. Toby

    Very, very many congratulations on your achievement.

    We were away at sea when your Television broadcast was shown – I will try to get it later on catch-up.

    I just wish my partner would join in your effort or even watch your broadcast. He always seem to know when NOT to watch TV or listen to the radio. So many chats that I see or hear that he does not.

    The trip for a week was his most alcoholic week I have known. The sorrows of All-Inclusive.

    Also congratulations on you new television job. You deserve a lot of luck and good fortune!



    1. Hi Michael – thank you very much.

      I’m so sorry to hear your partner is still struggling to accept he has a problem. Watching my documentary may help – he may be able to relate to something.

      Please do direct him to my blog. Again it may help.

      There are charities that help relatives of alcoholics.


      They will be able to offer you some support.

      Thanks again for the lovely message. Take care, Toby.


  2. What an inspiration you are Toby.
    Us as your family know how hard you have worked and worked.. What a day we had a fantastic day because you were here with us.We know how passionate you are to help and encourage , Keep up your great work Toby So proud in so many ways .


  3. I take great strength from reading your posts. My battle is to help Lloyd my son beat this horrendous addiction. Just when I think he’s maybe had a breakthrough it grabs him again with its claws and drags him back to the depths. Il never be beaten by it,il fight for Lloyds life to try and beat this. Well done Toby 🙏
    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Congratulations Toby 👏👏
    Half a decade to get your life back! What a terrific achievement for you and a wonderful gift for your family having you safely back in their lives.
    Keep being that bright light of hope shining for so many of us with your alcohol awareness and addiction campaign.
    I very much enjoy reading your personal blogs and l thought that the ITV program that you presented would of helped so many in thinking… “YES” l do have a problem with alcohol addiction, it is a recognised illness that can be treated, with you personally putting yourself out there,and being a lifesaving / life changing example of that fact.👌
    I hope that you get many more opportunities to follow up with your TV show presenting 🤞
    Wishing you the best of luck for your future, and continue to stay safe and well.
    Kindest regards
    André Johnston. 4 years sober on 16th September 2021 One day at a time. 🙏
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