Think you have a drinking problem? Here’s what you NEED to do

If you think you might have a drinking the problem, the chances are you DO indeed have a drinking problem. In private, people are very good at being self-aware about their own health and lifestyle. But accepting that changes are needed and being open with others about any issues, is a different matter. I know … Continue reading Think you have a drinking problem? Here’s what you NEED to do


Today, I’m 6 years sober. That’s 2,191 days since I last had an alcoholic drink. 52,600 hours since I last let the demon on my shoulder win. Over 3.1 million minutes of me winning the war against the disease of addiction.                                                                It’s my biggest achievement.  And I hope that I have millions more sober minutes … Continue reading I’M 6 YEARS SOBER TODAY!

The Truth About Alcohol Withdrawal

Whenever I’m approached for help by someone who is struggling with their drinking, I always ask the same question before anything else – ‘do you suffer withdrawals when you stop?’. If they’re unsure, I go on to ask how much they’ve been drinking and how many days, weeks, months they’ve been drinking at that level. … Continue reading The Truth About Alcohol Withdrawal