I’ve already had my Covid jab: A stark reminder of the scars left by alcohol addiction

Whilst at work on Friday morning, I received a phone call from my GP surgery. They said I could come down and get the Covid vaccine.

My immediate response was, “really? Surely it’s not my turn yet? I’m 31”.

But deep down I knew there was a chance I would be asked before my age group.

The lovely lady went on to tell me that I’m in group 6 and classed as ‘at risk’. It’s because my addiction to alcohol had landed me with liver disease in 2015.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful to have had the jab. I’ve done my research and listened to the right people, and I’m confident that it’s safe.

But it was a reality check to hear that I’m still classed as at risk.

I don’t feel unhealthy in any way shape or form. I exercise 6 days a week, obviously I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I eat reasonably healthy. I actually feel the best I ever have.

To the point where I think I was beginning to push the memories of having liver disease to the back of my mind.

And that can be dangerous.

Me with liver disease in 2015.

It’s important for me to remember the damage I’ve done to myself. As far as I understand it, just a few years ago, my liver had pretty much stopped working.

It may not be fatty or enlarged anymore, but it’s still scarred. Afterall, I almost sent myself to an early grave.

Reminders like this are blessings for my recovery. At first, I was gutted to hear that I was ‘at risk’, because it’s not how I feel. But now I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

My past is not a pretty one, but I need to keep those memories and experiences alive.

The memories of my darkest days are the strongest fuel for my recovery. They’re also pushing me to make the absolute most out of the life I have left in front of me.

And that’s what I plan on doing.

5 thoughts on “I’ve already had my Covid jab: A stark reminder of the scars left by alcohol addiction

  1. Hi Toby whenever I read your posts I always feel inspired by you and your journey….. you always sound positive and don’t dwell on your past just try to make your future bright… you always give hope to other’s you actually lived that nightmare and proof you can come out the other side … very proud of you be proud of yourself… stay focused and stay strong…,Sue xx


  2. You certainly do live life to the full Toby still shocking to see the pics of you in the wheelchair. Seeing you now gives hope and positivity to what is possible . Keep on keeping on Toby. You are help ing so many xx


  3. Living with an Alcoholic who currently is in FULL denial i appreciate your regular updates – it offers me hope.
    Keep up the positive work.
    BUT please lets have some happy photographs to prove it not only really does work. but their is hope for everyone affected.
    Best wishes once again.


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